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What is sustainable fashion?

What does sustainable mean to you? It seems the terms sustainable fashion, ethically produced apparel, socially responsible manufacturing and others are everywhere lately.  Since we have yet to collectively agree on a definition of these terms it seems helpful to clarify what it means here at Goddess Gear. 

Three elements meaningful to me when thinking about sustainability are people, planet, and product; and of course they are intertwined.

·         If the person cutting and sewing a garment is poorly paid, works in dangerous conditions or is treated unethically, we are shortchanging each of us.

·         If we create garments from petro-chemical based virgin textiles that lead to pollution of the earth and seas we are being shortsighted and selfish.

·         If we pursue “fast fashion” with cheaply made fabrics and poor construction we end up with garments that will not last more than a few wears and end up in a landfill, squandering the energy that went into creating them.

I believe that choosing quality natural fiber textiles that will last, designing thoughtfully, and keeping production local all contribute to supporting the health of our planet and each of us. To learn more about the natural fibers we use and their ecological considerations please visit our fabrics page. For information on how we produce our garments please visit our about page.