I am often baffled that folks tend to think of linen and many other natural fiber textiles only as “summer wear”.  The attributes that make linen a wonderful warm weather fabric also suit it to the colder months. Linen and other plant based textiles “ breathe”, wicking moisture from the skin, allowing perspiration to dry when it is hot outside. When cold, the fibers contract and insulate the wearer. Linen is wonderful year round. It's sustainable, low-maintenance, and super comfy!

Heavier weight linen in the fall or winter is a great choice for a dress or jacket on its own. Using your lighter weight linen garments as layering pieces gives you options. Linen may seem more suitable for warmer months, but with some creative layering, it can work beautifully in colder temperatures as well. Layering is a versatile technique that can add depth and interest to any outfit. I love mixing different textures and fabrics in my outfits to make my favorite clothes look fresh. It works in any season.

When it comes to linen garments, layering becomes even more appealing as it allows you to extend their wear throughout the year. For example, add a chunky knit cardi over a linen top or blouse to provide extra warmth and texture. Or try layering a turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt underneath a linen jumpsuit or dress to keep you cozy. Don't forget to accessorize, and enjoy your linen year round!

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