Goddess Gear is small but mighty! When I stop to think of what I can accomplish daily as a solo business owner and have learned over the years I am overwhelmed and humbled. I source fabric, design garments, and make patterns. I cut and sew samples and prototypes. I handle the sales, marketing, and customer service here at Goddess Gear. It sounds like a lot, but there are so many more talented hands that bring our garments to life.
The textile designers, the farmers that raise the crops that become the textiles. The weavers and knitters at the mills where the fabrics are created. The dyers, those that inspect and package and ship the textiles.  So little happens without cooperation, we are all connected in a myriad of ways. I work every day to make Goddess Gear a positive part of that connection.
Closer to home, those that digitize my patterns and create the markers, (an entire skill set of its own, btw). The fiercely talented local seamstresses and sewing shop owner without whom the magic couldn't happen. It would be impossible to run a business like mine without the skill, kindness, and awe inspiring work ethic of those I am surrounded and supported by.
This is my passion, and I work with those who have the same dream for their businesses. To support themselves, their families and their communities by doing good work. Paying their employees a living wage, and treating them with respect. By each of us lifting each other up every step of the way.
And last, but not least, you my cherished customers, who make this possible. Thank you for being here and supporting my dream!

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