I find inspiration in textiles, in the ways and moods in which I dress myself, in the colors and textures I see around me, and in my love of small details; a ruffle added to a hemline, shell buttons, a contrasting trim, the small things that make me smile.

After hatching an initial idea, I sketch my designs (my life is chock full of notebooks and scraps of paper!) and then move on to manipulating the textiles to which I am drawn, draping fabrics on a dress form and drafting prototypes until I have captured the look I am after.

Then the technical process begins. This is the fine tuning of the pattern and fitting the design to the body so it wears comfortably, provides a good range of motion, is judicious in use of fabric, has pockets, etc. This usually involves several iterations of the pattern and multiple protoypes.

At this point the new design should have all of the desired attributes, will fit our customer perfectly and look beautiful on her. Since every body is different this presents a challenge, but honing in as closely as possible on who I am designing for simplifies this somewhat.

The Goddess Gear muse is a woman somewhere in the middle of her life or beyond, past the years when she is willing to sacrifice her comfort to look stunning but who values herself and wants to look and feel her best while living her life to the fullest. Wearability is all important; at any age we all want clothing that is comfortable, moves with us and that makes us smile when we put it on.

To my mind successful apparel design is where creativity meets engineering; the translation of an idea to a flat sketch into a three dimensional product that fits a moving body. It is an endlessly fascinating challenge to me, and why I love designing clothing. Incorporating my dearly held ideals of sustainably, longevity and wearability make designing a garment a labor of love!

anna elmore

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