the textiles we adore....

a decades long love affair, deeply rooted in an appreciation of what nature provides


Linen is a wonderful thing, and yes it is in its nature to wrinkle. Our response to this fact is to embrace it.  Wash it, dry it, and wear it!  Over and over again, it only gets softer and lovelier with use. That charming natural texture and character is what we love about it most. The flax plant from which linen is produced has been used for millennia for fabric production, has modest water requirements, and is naturally pest resistant. As with our other natural fibers, linen is compost-able once a garment has reached the end of its lifespan.


Hemp has many of the same characteristics as
linen, but with exceptional durability. Blended with other fibers or on
its own, it is elegant and long wearing.  It's environmental assets
include a low water requirement and natural pest resistance negating the
need for pesticides. Hemp is a beneficial rotation crop, returning
nutrients to the soil depleted by other crops.  Like linen, it breaks in rather than down, gaining character with each wash and wear.


In a perfect world all the cotton we use would be organic. At this time we are still using both conventional and organic cotton and are committed to converting to 100% organic. Cotton is a wondrous, comfortable fiber; on its own or blended with others, it's beauty and breathablilty simply can’t be beat!

environmental considerations

Our dyes – Our fabrics are dyed with low impact fiber reactive dyes. During the dye process the dye molecule bonds with the textile, so there is no need for chemical fixants to obtain clear vibrant colors that last and last. These dyes are free from heavy metals, chemical mordants, and AZOs.

Garment care  - Every product we make is intended to be worn and enjoyed without worry. All of our clothing is pre-shunk and may be machine washed, and most machine dried. Chlorine bleach is not recommended as it weakens the fabric, but soaking any stains in a mild dish detergent before laundering works wonders. Specific care instructions are listed in each garment's description here on our website and on the label inside the garment.

Environmental certifications - Don't just take our word for it! We source our textiles from multiple sustainably minded manufacturers with whom we have trusted long term relationships. These mills produce various GOTS and OEKO - Tex certfied fabrics. Each fabric we select is chosen by several criteria - its look and feel, suitabillity to purpose, sustainability, cost, country of origin, how it is woven or knitted and dyed, and the labor practices of the manufacturer.